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About John

About John

We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.

I’m not good at making decisions, so we’re gonna do it both ways.

Let’s start with the easy way. If you need a quick bio to copy and paste and use on your website, here you go:

John Romaniello is an angel investor, author and ranks between journeyman and expert in fields ranging from fitness to writing to marketing. He is the author of hundreds of articles, dozens of e-products, and one New York Times bestselling book.

So, yeah.

For something a bit sillier you can check out my page. And if you’re looking for something slightly more objective, it appears there’s a Wikipedia page about me.


Roman Fitness Systems

My day job, I guess you could call it. This is where the sexy happens.

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The FitBox

Every month, we hunt down the best workouts, gear, recipes, and goodies on the planet. Then we put that shit in a box and send it directly to your front door.

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